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Thread: Where to get RH 8.0

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    Re:Where to get RH 8.0

    [quote author=gjansky link=board=7;threadid=7034;start=0#65310 date=1053124045]
    The gatech server is pretty quick!

    Under "File Type," the ftp server has the .iso file listed as "Easy CD Creator Image File." So, after I'm finished downloading them to my hard drive, does this mean I just need to change the name of them before I burn it to cdrom? I'm downloading them to a windows machine, and coincidently, I have Easy CD Creator on this machine.

    You can burn them using any CD-Burning software. .iso. I don't know why they say it's Easy CD Creator Image file as it's a standard ISO (mountable CD image). You should be able ot burn them as they are with nor problem at all.

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    Re:Where to get RH 8.0

    Nero can burn iso now. I was able to use it last year, but I did have to get a newish version

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    Re:Where to get RH 8.0

    Ok, here's the update....

    After all of the files were downloaded, I double-clicked one of them. Easy CD Creator came up and asked me if I wanted to start recording. Because I have a whole pile of blank disks here, I said why not. When it was done, I browsed the disk, and, Bingo; it looks like I have exactly what I need.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Sorry to bother you about .iso question.....I had never encountered that before.

    Now to go give RH 9.0 a try.

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    Re:Where to get RH 8.0

    Once you've gotten pretty fimiliar with it give this:;threadid=7048

    a try. A really nice addition to a base RH install in my opinion.

    Another thing I recommend is to type:

    linux enable reiserfs

    at the boot: prompt during installation and then choose reiserfs as the file system type for the / and /home partitions. I feels much faster than ext3 to me. I couldn't go back to using ext3 for a desktop right now. The differences in feel are just too great..


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