hello everyone.

Well, I wanted to ask some questions on compiling a module for a network card. It has been awhile since I have compiled a module, that I pretty much forgot.

Let me lay some foundation:

Running Red Hat 7.3
Card: Intel® PRO/1000 Family of Adapters, version 4.2.x
It is a Gig driver (e1000)

Ok. I followed the directions accordingly, but I cant seem to get it working the way I like.

Here is the directions:

tar zxf e1000-4.2.17.tar.gz
cd e1000-4.2.17/src
make install

For Linux 2.4.x systems: /lib/modules/[KERNEL_VERSION]/kernel/drivers/net/e1000.o

insmod e1000 (parameters)

ifconfig eth0 <ip address>

Everything seems to work. I can assign the IP address and ping it and it works.

however, when I go to make static entries for ifcfg-eth0, only problem is, its not there.

Sooo, I need to figure out a couple of things:

1) How to make sure the module loads upon boot
2) How to make sure my ifcfg-eth0 is in /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts directory.

Anyone care to lend a hand?

I appreciate it.