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Thread: Jumped the gun on Ebay

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    Jumped the gun on Ebay


    I was interested in getting a craps velvet set. I won the bid on a rattan stick, a velvet craps layout, and the On/Off buttons. Like 3 seconds after winning the bid on those items I see a better set that includes all these things and more!

    Can you guys think of anyway of nullifying the first set of bids and buying the complete set instead?

    I suppose if I just didn't reply to the emails the seller would eventually send a complaint about the 3 items. That would put me in the dog house, wouldn't it.

    Should I just come up with a complete lie and say my room mate hijacked my ebay account and bought them?

    any suggestions.


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    Re:Jumped the gun on Ebay

    You made an agreement to purchase. There's nobody who's going to force you to. No guns to the head, no lawyers. Claiming your roommate jacked your account is bad. You'll claim it, they'll notice that you won another bid for the same things and figure what's up. It's better to go with "dead beat bidder, no contact" than "Liar claimed someone else bid, then bought elsewhere!"

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    Re:Jumped the gun on Ebay

    Well this might not be morally correct but. The times I've had stuff for sale people have not paid me or backed out. So why can't I do the same. So what if I get a -100. If I get banned from ebay so be it.. I waste too much money there anyways. Just my frank way of thinking about it.

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    Re:Jumped the gun on Ebay

    It's bad karma, but you can just pretend to not exist. :-\

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