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Thread: Comcast filtering?

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    Comcast filtering?

    WTF. All of a sudden, and I mean within a 6hour period of me sleeping, my internet connection seems to be filtered. Ive tried rebooting router/modem/server all with same results. Every single port I scan from the outside into my house is now in filtered status. Heres a nmap on some ports that should be open (25,80,110) and some random ports as well.

    Interesting ports on (
    Port       State       Service
    20/tcp     filtered    ftp-data
    21/tcp     filtered    ftp
    22/tcp     filtered    ssh
    23/tcp     filtered    telnet
    24/tcp     filtered    priv-mail
    25/tcp     filtered    smtp
    80/tcp     filtered    http
    3782/tcp   filtered    unknown
    65001/tcp  filtered    unknown
    What gives??? As you can tell its every port, not only less than 1024 or anything, every single port i scan comes up like that. I called them, they swore that they changed nothing at all. They say they still do no filter any ports. Its pissing me off royally though...

    Any ideas??

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    Sorry, no ideas. But, I have Comcast and would like to check mine. How do you scan the ports? I can post the results afterward.

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    You need to scan from a computer outside of your network of course. If ya know anyone that knows how to scan have them scan you, or if you have a outside box scan yourself with nmap.

    nmap -P0 -p 1-25

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    Can anyone hit this?

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    Thats a negative there rick. Couldnt get into it from my work connection.
    It resolves but thats about it.

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    I can hit it.

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    [quote author=Schotty link=board=4;threadid=7012;start=0#65142 date=1052876766]
    I can hit it.


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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    Yeah , I can get there too ......

    I'm also worried since my provider ATTBI was bought out by Comcast and they schedule to move my block at the end of June.

    Comcast swears that they won't change anything at all including filtering of ports. If they do, I'm moving back to DSL.

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    Re:Comcast filtering?

    my attbi/comcast is still working fine. i'm thinking maybe you're is up (i can get to high-on-linux) but the box you are trying to see it from doesn't have a good link to it. sometimes that happens with comcast, for a while i couldn't get to my friend who lives a few blocks away, but we both could get to our other friend who lives many miles away, and he could get to both of us.

    so their routers get screwed up sometimes. see if it fixes it's self

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