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Thread: Wanted: Hard drive

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    Wanted: Hard drive

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone out there is looking to get rid of an old hard drive for about $20 or so. I would like it to be 2gigs or more.

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    Re:Wanted: Hard drive

    I may have one. I have to check. If I do, you can have it just for the shipping cost.

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    Re:Wanted: Hard drive

    That would rock!! Thanx.

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    Re:Wanted: Hard drive

    I'm also looking for a hard drive, but nothing as small as 2 gigs. 20 gigs (or larger), but at a reasonable price. I'm not going to pay $50 when for $30 more I can get an 80 gig drive, ya know? So, if anyone has anything just sitting on a shelf and wants some beer money come out now! I can paypal ya and you could be drunk tomorrow. Just imagine!

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    Re:Wanted: Hard drive

    I have a 6gig drive, but thats about it.

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