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Thread: Root disk vs bootdisk

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    Root disk vs bootdisk

    Is there a major difference between a boot disk and a rootdisk? In RedHat, you can make a bootdisk with the mkbootdisk command. However, the only way I know of to make a rootdisk is with the dd command to copy the kernel image file to a floppy. Will a bootdisk and a rootdisk accomplish the same thing? (boot up a broken Linux system)

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    Re:Root disk vs bootdisk

    A boot disk will boot up the machine, but not get you into a linux environment. The root disk has a compressed kernel image that allows the loading of a linux environment.

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    Re:Root disk vs bootdisk

    The boot disk is the emergency start up disk that contains not only the kernel image but also the information on where is your partition table and which partition is what such as /, /etc and /home . You can also use this to boot up your system normally ( if you don't want your HDD to be primary boot drive ).

    The root disk that you achieved using DD tool is just a kernel image file that is used to install your system. This usually can't be used to boot up your system ( except to set up a new distro installation ).

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