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Thread: Your gonna love this ????

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    Your gonna love this ????

    Okay so I got a bit wierd and dl'd the MDK 9.1 iso's. I burned them using Gnome Roast and then put the cd 1 of 3 in the cdrom of my laptop. Booted and it just blew off the CD. First question:

    In GRoast there is a box that says make disk bootable. Okay but it won't allow you to click on it till you put in a boot image name?

    Where do I get that?

    Okay next question
    This happened in XCDRoast as well.

    Obvious to me that the problem is the cd's (now 4) are not bootable? So I suppose I just fuxed up 4 disks (Good thing I bought a bunch).



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    Re:Your gonna love this ????

    hey ras,
    the isos are already set up to be bootable, you should not be able to modify this option because the options are already created. try the command line. an example would be cdrecord -dev 0,1,0 speed=4 discname.iso

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    Re:Your gonna love this ????

    Okay put the CD in my laptop drive the ISO is there under both RH 9 and WinXp how would I install the ISO now that they are on the drive? Or can I?


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    Re:Your gonna love this ????

    open a termianl and type what i did up there, fixing the cdrecord -dev 0,1,0 speed=4 discname.isop argument of course - probably cdrecord -dev 0,0,0 speed=4 /path/mandrkaestuff1.iso

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    Re:Your gonna love this ????

    A page that helped me out with burning ISO's. Just gives a bit of info on how to use the cdrecord etc. Hope it helps.

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    Re:Your gonna love this ????

    An iso is just the exact layout of what a disk should be. So when you burn an iso, whoever created it, is instructing the burning app to make a cd the way they want it to be. So d/l a MDK iso will build, as Mandrake Co. says, a CDROM. If the instructions were to make it bootable, then it will be. Just set the BIOS to boot off of cdrom and make sure the disc is in the drive and VIOLA! You should be booting MDK.

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