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Thread: Ghost and Linux

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    Ghost and Linux

    Does anyone have experience backing up their Linux system on CD's using Norton Ghost 2003? If so, how well does the backup and restore work? I've been also considering something like for full system backups.

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    Re:Ghost and Linux

    I did that this weekend, not as backup, but as a way to migrate to a bigger hard drive. I had mixed results.

    You will probably need to reinstall your bootloader if you are ever forced to restore from the image, which is not a big deal. Just boot to a rescue disk and reinstall lilo or grub.

    However, I did run into some weird problems. My KDE got screwed up, in a way that I could not see any character. My data was fine, but I had to erase all my hidden config folders to get it to work.

    However, this might have been an isolated incident for all I know.

    My system is working fine now.

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