Hey Gang,

I've just installed Mandrake 9.1. All is well (and it looks really cool), but I was just unable to install the sound drivers for my Aureal (Turtle Beach Montego II) 8830 sound card. I've had to install these manually since mandrake 8.0 (maybe 7.2), but it usually works.

Evidently, the module for this card was compiled using gcc2, whereas the kernel was compiled using gcc3.

I'm no programmer, and only dimly understand what's going on here.

Is there a way for me to recompile this module using gcc3, so that it works with my kernel? I didn't see the source for this driver on source forge, but figure that it must be out there somewhere. If I'm on the right track, how would I go about compiling it? Is source code written with particular compilers in mind (such that I wouldn't be able to just recompile the code using gcc3?).

Is it finally time to buy or pilfer a new sound card?