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Thread: Help with Kppp

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    Help with Kppp

    Hey there. I'm using redhat 8 and a us robotics usr5160b performance pro modem. it works on my linux and i used kppp to connect and my internet connects but then it says authentication failure and/or connection timed out. I know netzero doesn't support linux, but i'm sure there's got to be a way to get it to work. Can someone please be kind enough to walk me through this. I have done my reasearch for 5 hours and i still can't get it. I was up to 1 last night trying to figure it out.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanx very much,


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    Re:Help with Kppp

    try adding noauth to the file options in the directory /etc/ppp, i take it you are uisng kde for desktop so you can do this with kate to do this. you must be user root

    cheers & welcome to linux junior.

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