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Thread: Gkrellem and things

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    Gkrellem and things

    Hey all, I am working on a desktop design. I would like to know if anyone has ever ran multiple copies of Gkrellem.

    I would like to run multi copies with different monitors. Like in the upper left corner might be CPU, Right corner could be ETH1.

    I cannot figure it out. I would think it would need multi copies of the config file and perhaps the executable.

    Does anyone know if you can break apart the actual display? That would work just as easy


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    Re:Gkrellem and things

    Just start a second instance with -c something. That would use a config file ~/.gkrellm/user_config-something (or create such a file if it doesn't exist). Then you can configure both stacks of monitors independently.

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    Re:Gkrellem and things

    If you wanted to seperate the different montiors used in gkrellm, you would probably have to end up recoding it. Might be able to look at the code and see if you can break it apart that way.

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