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Thread: qmail, confusion on delivery method?

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    qmail, confusion on delivery method?

    I am attempting to install qmail for the first time and am confused about the defaultdelivery method.

    Which method should I use and how do I set it up.

    I created the /var/qmail/rc file. but I found a reference in another website that said it should be in /var/qmail/defaultdelivery/rc

    Do I create a script for the default delivery or what. The docs say put it in the /var/qmail/control/defaultdelivery

    I don't have a file called defaultdelivery in the control directory

    I will am planning on using inter7 vpopmail and admin if that makes any difference.

    thanks for any help

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    Re:qmail, confusion on delivery method?


    I run qmail on my workstation, as well as one of my servers. I use /var/qmail/rc, which contains my default delivery method. I've seen sites that say something else, but I've chosen to use /var/qmai/rc. I'm even sure if the other ones work at all.... ???

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