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    Revolution OS

    I felt like spending some cash so I bought that movie "Revolution OS" should be here this week.
    Anyone see it yet?

    Should be very educational, plus they gave me a free Linux fish I also ordered a 6" stuffed Tux penguin and a tshirt.

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    Re:Revolution OS

    I would like to order Revolution OS, but shipping to Denmark is just to damn expensive for just one item (plus the free fish).

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    Re:Revolution OS

    I downloaded it via giFT. It was ok. I watched it once and deleted it right away. It didn't have any info to offer that I wasn't already aware of.

    Knowing the "movie" I wouldn't recommend buying it. It's not worth it... The DVD might have more to offer but $25 to me seem better spend on a linux distro.

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    Re:Revolution OS

    I rented it a while back. It was ok but not spectacular. I agree with demian

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    Re:Revolution OS

    wouldn't be the first time I wasted my money

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    Re:Revolution OS

    send it to me then. I am a good waste of others' money :

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    Re:Revolution OS

    It was a good movie ....

    It was meant as historical documentation rather than entertainment. It was a collection of how people remember Linux being started and so forth. It wasn't meant to be specticular, entertaining nor fictious, IMHO.

    If you follow a good part of Linux and its growth, you would have known most ( or all ) of it already. Nonetheless, it is in hostory documentation instead of some fairy tails.

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    Re:Revolution OS

    indeed, I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it explained things alot clearer for me in terms of GNU and FSF and everyones relations with Linux. I thought it was good. Should have been cheaper but it was good.

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