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Thread: Multiple .tiff Images

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    Multiple .tiff Images

    This is an odd one.

    I cannot seem to view more than one page of a .tiff image.
    I had a .tiff image sent to me of 6 pages. When trying to open it using Gimp and even GQView it only shows the first page. I also tried downloading xv (another image viewer), but unfortunately it does the same. The image can be viewed perfectly by windows imaging and shows all six pages. After looking around on the net for a while i still have not found a solution. Your help is much appreciated.


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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

    any chance you cna post a link to them? i ahve no tiffs laying around...

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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

    Have a look at this url:

    there is a file 60002...tiff, just save to hdd.


    P.S. It's supposed to be 6 pages, and obviously it's not just this .tiff but any i try. Doesnt matter what viewer i try and use.

    [edit:gorn]fixed link[/edit]

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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

    there is a library (libtiff) that is used for reading tiff files, so probably the reason all viewers are just showing the one page is because the library only supports one page. try checking libtiffs homepage or mailing list for info on fixing this. good luck!

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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

    i used kfax and it opened up nicely.

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    Re:Multiple .tiff Images

    Hey Guys

    Kfax works great! Thanks! I also had a look at libtiff but already had the latest .ver so i am still not sure why the other viewers wont work, still like to work that one out. Otherswise kfax does the job superbly.

    How now would i get it to be the default viewer for my .tiff images, and better than that appear in my "right click" option when selecting a .tiff to open.


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