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    Performa 637CD


    I was wondering, does anyone know how to take apart a Performa 637CD? I can get the mobo out, but I can't even access the HDD (I'm trying to replace it).

    Also, I clean installed 8.1 on my performa. My master disk comes with 7.5 or something of the matter and a bunch of programs like ClarisWorks in these little "data files" that appeared to be compressed.

    I was wondering, Is it possible for me to install ClarisWorks without installing OS 7.5? If so, How?

    Or can someone send me a copy of clarisworks 2.1-whatever works on a 68k.


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    Re:Performa 637CD

    tomeview or tomeviewer or something will let you see whats in those "tomes" hrmm or maybe it's tombviewer....

    and for removing the harddrive, i'm not sure of that exact model, but a lot of performas you have to squeeze the little plastic on the harddrive to get it out... like:

    [hard drive]
    ------------ <-------- that is a little plastic handle thing

    you squeeze the handle and the drive together and pull out

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    Re:Performa 637CD

    Removing the face plate by pressing the 2 tab on the underside in, and it will reveal your HDD. Then, you'll see the HDD, and tray Gorn is talking about under the floppy drive.

    Just hope you never have to replace your PSU, otherwise plan on taking it apart to the last bit of metal casing.

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