OK. After thinking about the difficulties in trying to make my Canon PowerShot A70 work, I have decided to return it and buy a camera that is on the gtkam list of cameras that I can supposedly connect to.

Among the other problems that I have in running the Red Hat 9.0 distribution, is that I cannot get the CD-ROM drive to play music. When I ran SuSE 8.1, I could not get the kscd to play a CD. Now I can put a CD in and gnome-cd automatically starts and plays the CD. However.... no sound comes out of the speakers. The speakers and sound card supposedly do work because, during setup, Red Hat played a test sound that came through just fine. I have opened the volume control and everything was up (and I even moved the CD and overall volumes to louder). It seems I cannot win for losing with Linux right now.

Any thoughts on what it takes to get some music. nsh


nsh = need some help :-)