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Thread: unhandled interrup

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    unhandled interrup

    I have always had a problem when using Red Hat that I have never bean
    able to fix.
    The problem is that the console has become unusable because I have a
    consent message being printed out to the screen. the message is:
    ohci1394_0:unhandled interrupt(s) 0x00008000. This isn't a problem
    while working in X but I would like to use the console more and of
    course my have to if X ever goes tits-up.
    I'm using Red Hat 9 on a dell inspiron 8100. I think it
    could be to do with my fire-wire port which I don't use. I can not see
    which services I would need to disable at start up.
    any thorts to a solution?
    Darren :'(

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    Re:unhandled interrup

    hi darren,
    i would remove the 1394 modules - please check the file /etc/modules.conf and if there are any refernces to 1394 then remove them. next you could delete or move the modules that are being offensive, this being the /ohci1394, if you did a mv /lib/modules/2.4.20-8/kernel/drivers/ieee1394/ohci1394.o /tmp/ and then did a rmmod ohci1394 it should be cleared up. you may also wish to run depmod -a such that the module loader knows it is no longer there.

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    Re:unhandled interrup

    Wow thanks pbharris you have made my day. I followed your instructions and the probem has now gone!
    Thank you very much. Now, I'm of to the console!



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