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Thread: What Info needed to setup Comcast Cable?

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    What Info needed to setup Comcast Cable?

    Well, finally AT&T will be Comcast ( at least Cable and Cable Internet goes ) and I've seen mails to move over to current ATTBI network to Comcast. But the problem is that they wanted me to download the script and run it on my machine ( assuming that everybody use Windows : ). Since I run Debian box as my gateway, what info is needed to have the smooth change over with the minimal of down time?

    Has anybody moved to Comcast from ATTBI yet ( in Silicon Valley area or otherwise )? And if so, can I ask some detailed questions?


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    Live in Fayetteville, PA and work in Washington, DC.

    I'd be carefull

    I have comcast in PA.
    When I first got it I had to fill out forms on the web site from the script. once done, I disconnected the pc installed a router and have been happey ever since.....

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