It would seem that some things like oggs on my system and some don't. For example, XMMS happily plays oggs, but that can be explained because of its ogg plugin. Also, gstreamer plays ogg files quite nicely. However, when I open up Net-Rhythmbox, it won't play ogg files. It keeps telling me "this is not a vorbis file." When I close down net-rhythmbox, gst-player plays the ogg just fine. This happens both as root and normal users.

Output of net-rhythmbox when trying to play an ogg file:

(net-rhythmbox:2444): GStreamer-WARNING **: internal error: push on pad sink_ident:sink but it has no chainhandler
shell-player: got error: this is not a vorbis file!
this is not a vorbis file

Anyone know what's up with this? How do I get net-rhythmbox to take advantage of gstreamer's ogg capabilities?