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Thread: Xmms Volume

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    Xmms Volume

    I am having an issue with XMMS, when I pul the volume bar back and forth to higher or lower the volume, nothing happens.. the volume does not change rendering the volume bar useless. Using slackware 9.0 I know I had the same problem in 8.1, anyone know what is up?

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    Re:Xmms Volume

    i am guessing there is no PCM control - try opening something like aumix and see if the PCM is adjustable.

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    Re:Xmms Volume

    I opened Volume Control under Gnome and there are lock settings on them and also bars to control them, from in here I can control the volume. I tried unlocking them all and then playing xmms and adjusting the volume bar and it still wouldn't change the volume level. and when I restarted the volume control app in gnome, the locks are back on

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    Re:Xmms Volume

    are you using alsa or oss?

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    Re:Xmms Volume

    as soon as you asked that I was like, wait a minute OSS *light bulb* and remembered seeing that output in my preferences of xmms, then I hit config and changed to use dsp, mixer, and volume controls master not PCM, and now my xmms volume bar works. Thanks for the guiding, slackware 9.0 is turning out awesome as always. I haven't gotten a chance to use gnome 2.x or kde 3.1 and now I am torn between two worlds. Three worlds if you include Fluxbox... mmmm I love linux. My roommate saw my desktop and is like, god damnit yours is better than mine!!!! and then his xp progs were freezing up and he is like GOD DAMNIT XP!! I couldn't stop laughing, then I showed him me switching through all the virtual desktops showing all the space I get and he was just biting his lip and shaking his head. I think I saw some drool. Then he was like "hey, let's see you play games like counter-strike" which I haven't gotten working yet, so he had a number on me. But it's all good. ;D

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    Re:Xmms Volume

    [quote author=BurntAsh link=board=2;threadid=6881;start=0#64179 date=1051153596]
    <snip>I think I saw some drool. <snip>


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