I have some questions regarding video/film-editing.
I know exactly nothing about video and such, so I went out to some local stores & asked a few questions. Now I'm more confused than ever...

What I want to do
I (=my parents) have approx 2 hrs of film, 20-40 years old. Super-8 I think it's called.
I'm going to transfer it to video, I'll simply "film the film" using my analog video-camera. It has RCA + S-video.
I want to be able to edit (cut/copy/paste only, no fiddling with colours or anything like that). Also make video-tapes using parts of different films (like "summer -68", "the life of our dog" etc).
I want to add a heading (a picture or just text) at the beginning of each sequence. I also want to add some sound - background music, a speaker voice here and there.

What I have
AMD K62*500, Nvidia TNT2 32MB, 2GB free HD-space + 20GB on a
network-server. No TV or S-video on graphics card.
I'm currently running Mandrake 8.2

Questions: 1. Hardware
I need S-video input. You could buy special TV-cards, there are also graphicscards available with S-video.
Visiting 4 computer stores this is what they tell me:
* Buy the cheapest card if you're running Linux - more expensive cards mainly add software.
* Cheap cards only have S-video out, you need a 250$ card.
* Cheap cards have S-video in, but they don't do any compression. You can't do any editing with them
* A 70$ TV-card or a 70$ graphics-card are just the same - they'll work fine.
* Don't even think about the 70$ graphics-card, the SVideo-quality is too bad. A cheap TV-card is OK, though.

Could someone please tell me what I need?
If possible, the best would be to buy a good PCI graphics card, when I'm finished I'll put it in my kid's computer (today they have a 2MB Mach64, ISA I think ..)

Questions: 2. Software
I have tried bcast2000, I find it a bit difficult to understand. The documentation might be good if you're familiar with the basics - but I'm not. What about Xine or XMovie? So far I haven't managed to do anything with them? But they are not editing programs, are they?
Is there any distribution that's aimed "specifically" at video-editing? And which programs are the best to use (remember, I will need a manual!)
GIMP had an interesting feature: opening a.mpg it gave me 133 layers, one picture in each. Maybe I could use this to create my headings? Can I actually edit a movie with GIMP?

Questions: 3. Drivers
Record driver - not really a hardware driver, is it?
I guess each card has its own driver, the "Video4Linux" etc is for communication between bcast and the real hardware driver? (OSS works although I'm using ALSA)
I'm not sure about this, but maybe I don't have to bother?

Any ideas, hints & suggestions are welcome!