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Thread: Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

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    Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

    Always wondered how those portal -slashdot type websites were put together.

    Downloaded PHP Nuke, had to figure out how to use Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHP Nuke all at the same time. Got a website up on my linux box (reachable only by the laptop inside my home LAN ) and am playing around with it setting up forums and stuff, and theming it.

    GOD Linux is cool.

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    Re:Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

    Congrats. PHP Nuke is one of the coolest things to play around with! Don't forget to check out the developers wishlist if you end up using it!

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    Re:Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

    Yeah, I need to set one up too but am too busy to do it ATM. Any good resource for set up info?? besides RTFM info, ofcourse.

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    Re:Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

    I would recommend drupal instead of php nuke as it's less demanding on the system and it offers nearly the same options.

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    Re:Weeeeeeee!!!! I did it!

    [quote author=binary_boy link=board=12;threadid=6876;start=0#64129 date=1051069250]
    GOD Linux is cool.

    I gotta try this "GOD Linux" distro. It sounds powerful

    But really, what distro did you set this LAN-page up on?


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