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Thread: Bitstream Vera fonts??

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    Bitstream Vera fonts??

    Any word on these? I can't find any downloads. When the beta was yanked they were promising a March release. Now in mid-april I'm wondering what's going on. Does anyone have any info?

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    I talked to a few developers, but... no answers on the fonts, and they refuse to make the beta available again... so we will just have to wait.

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    They are out NOW !!

    running 1.10 as we speak

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??


    I'd have to say it's a toss-up between which I like better...Bitstream or MS. MS's Sans is pretty sexy with the right configuration.

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    Do you have a screenshot of these fonts? Are they really worth using?

    Nevermind... 8)

    Anyone know if there's any Debian packages coming out for this?

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    Anyone got a quick instruction set on installing these new fonts?

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??


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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    For those of us not on Mandy, I believe you just add the directory they're in to your /etc/X11/XF86Config file in the fontpaths. Am I right?

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=6;threadid=6815;start=0#64001 date=1050701598]
    For those of us not on Mandy
    KDE 3.1.* ( perhaps some earlier versions as well ), KControl->System Administration->Font Installer. However be warned that XF86Config will be modified and if not configured correctly will crash your XServer whenever you attempt to fire it up.

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    Re:Bitstream Vera fonts??

    emerge vera-bitstream-ttf

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