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    Terminal Emulator


    I am in the progress of moving +- 60 desktops from M$ to RH 9.0
    Unfortunately i cannot complete this until i have implemented and tested all software needed to be run on Linux.

    We use a proggie called Netterm, as well as Powerterm. I need a linux substitute for these two programs. Powerterm have a linux .ver of their software, but as usual they are charging per seat licensing at ridiculous prices. I really hope someone out there has a solution!

    Secondly i have to print from linux to an IBM 4226-302 Dotmatrix printer. I manage to set the printer up through cups, but infortunatley cannot find the correct drivers for the printer. When searching the web i come across Lexmarks site where they offer their printer drivers for linux, but with no support/help docs. Anyone with knowledge of the above that can assist will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re:Terminal Emulator

    Terminal emulator... I'm not sure what you mean by that, and a google search for Powerterm turns up nothing in the way of "purpose" of this application..

    It seems that you are looking at just a simple xterm with some extra functionality if I understand it correctly - so look at the various alternatives RH offers, like eterm and aterm.

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    Re:Terminal Emulator

    Yeah sorry, i didnt explain that very well, because i am not sure what i am talking about myself. But suppose this is the only way i'll learn.

    It basically is just another xterm with extra functions.
    Thats the thing, i wouldnt mind paying for "Powerterm" etc if it did something other emulators couldnt. I just need to find and familiarise myself with "eterm, xterm or aterm". I wasnt able to run "eterm" from the command line, what am i doing wrong, i reckon it would have been included in a basic installation.
    A while back i had a look at xterm, but got put off by all the jargon. Need to spend sometime testing my different options.

    Our staff connect to an IBM vt200 box, i think thats whats it's called. And they use the Powerterm for M$ to access a program called Comu-Clearing. I hope i have explained this a bit better. Hopefully someone has gone through this before and knows a good substitute.


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    Re:Terminal Emulator

    AHHH.. I just blindly assumed you needed a terminal emulator for X... d'oh

    I see on that PowerTerm is distributable freely - I don't know the terms but look into it - or go search for similar apps on

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