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Thread: received signal 11

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    received signal 11

    hey everyone!

    Every time i try to install Mandrake9.0, i get an error just after the "loading program into memory" screen:

    install ended abnormally :-( --received signal 11

    this is followed by a load of other stuff about kill signals and unmounting drives. Does anyone know what this means, and what i can do to stop it happening? once i have received this error once, it seems to crop up again every time i reset, but not always when i switch off and back on again.

    also, when i have managed to get further into the install, it seems to hang when installing some packages. i've been informed by the guy who lent me the CDs that they are working--he has used them before successfully. is this in any way related to the problem above?

    thanks a lot in advance for your help! i'm completely lost

    --matt the linux newbie

    My system:

    AMD AthlonXP 1900+
    Leadtek Winfast 7350 KDA Motherboard
    IDE0 Master: 80 GB Samsung HDD
    IDE1 Master: Sony DVD-ROM
    IDE1 Slave: AOpen CD-RW
    AOpen GeForce4 MX420 graphics card
    Belkin F5D5000 NIC in PCI 1

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    Re:received signal 11

    here is the FAQ on sig11 - unfortunately it points to a hardware issue as the likely cuplrit. anychane you have something that can test your ram?

    wlecome to ljr matt

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    Re:received signal 11

    thanks for the help! i've been having trouble with memory in windows (it was corrupting my registry ). i fiddled with my RAM settings in the BIOS, and changed the CAS latency from 2.5 (the value that crucial quoted) to 3.0, which has apperently solved the problem completely

    now mandrake is all installed, and i am happy!

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