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Thread: Small bootable distro wanted.

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    Small bootable distro wanted.

    I'm looking for a distro that I can put onto a CD or a floppy and then install a program so I can do some memory and CPU stress testing. I was going to get Knoppix but I really want to do it today, and its going to take a wee while to download 700MB. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could use?

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    Re:Small bootable distro wanted.

    try damnsmalllinux

    it is knoppix based, but only a 50mb download.


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    Re:Small bootable distro wanted.

    The gentoo livecd in experimental right now has memtest kernel and various stuff to stress test your setup - it's a 100meg download or so.

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    Re:Small bootable distro wanted.

    From the FAQ:

    1) tomsrtbt is
    "The most GNU/Linux on one floppy disk"
    for: rescue recovery panic & emergencies
    tools to keep in your shirt pockets
    whenever you can't use a hard drive
    Tomsrtbt stands for:
    "Tom's floppy which has a root filesystem and is also bootable."

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