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Thread: Slackware or Debian or *BSD

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    Re:Slackware or Debian or *BSD

    Open/Free BSD for sure. If you want no bloat, no bs, no crap at all, go for OpenBSD, it's really compact, really fast, and I encourage you to check it out.

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    Re:Slackware or Debian or *BSD

    [quote author=cga link=board=7;threadid=6856;start=0#64030 date=1050766028]
    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=7;threadid=6856;start=0#64008 date=1050713378]
    Try OpenBSD!

    Just spent some time looking over the website, and my, does OpenBSD look good. Maybe just the thing I am looking for. I'll have to spend some more time reading the man pages and other docs in the site.

    So, Ashcrow, what specifically do you like about OpenBSD?


    Well I will chime in since I wholeheartedly agree with Ash here on this one.

    OpenBSD takes anal retentiveness to the next level. They make sure that the base system is as robust as it comes. The kernel is one of the most stable kernels I have yet to grace on a system, and since it is almost UNIX, it makes it all the much better.

    I have yet on any OBSD system, had stability or speed issues. I havent tried getting GNOME 2.x running on it yet, but it shouldnt be that bad of a chore. Ports is great. just basically grab the latest ports for that release, and you cd into the ports folder, find the app you want to install and its as simple as a "make install". Builds from source. Would liek to point out that there are packages (very similar to slackpacks) as well that can be downloaded too.

    And when it comes to servers -- nothing beats an OBSD server. There are few things OpenBSD cant do (SMB client, games ...), but what it can do is phenomenal. I can do (on bradband, 768K IIRC) in 30 minutes a base install and get NAT, pf both up and running in a commercial environment.

    If you do NFS, OpenAFS, or ftp it works like a champ. SSH, Apache, BIND ... same thing ;D See what I am getting at? RedHat stress tests .. but OpenBSD anus tests. It checks to see if the asshole is tight enuf so shit cant get out and cost people jobs.

    Now, since all I see you as needing is a great stable OS, that can do TeX, Mozilla, FTP, and possibly SSH,, and IRC ... why not use OpenBSD? That is really the Q? A base install is somewhere around 30-45 MB. then add goodies like libs and X and such.

    Oh and one last thing -- I remember you mentioning small HD space, remember to do a make clean after doing a ports install to clean up disc space then.

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    Re:Slackware or Debian or *BSD

    [quote author=socomm link=board=7;threadid=6856;start=0#64320 date=1051408962]
    [quote author=GhostDawg link=board=7;threadid=6856;start=0#64319 date=1051407343]
    ... Freebsd 4.7 ... all are great distros.

    FreeBSD is not a linux distro. [/quote]
    Who said it was a linux distro?

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