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Thread: purchased RH9 entitlements?

  1. #1 purchased RH9 entitlements?

    Hey all you RH users out there, I bought the newest version of RH from RH itself. It comes with a registration number and I am wondering if I activate it on my laptop if RH is going to go M$ on me errr I mean postal ;D

    Or do they mind if their store bought version is on two different machines under the same IP?


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    Well that wont work %100. You already have a ox installed with that code. When you ran up2date it registered your system with RHN. When you try to run up2date on your second box, it will fail due to a lack of an entitlement. So what you need to do is this :

    1) Buy another entitlement ;D J/k But that is really an option should you have money to burn. Hehe

    2) Login to Rhn and Unentitle your main box. Register your spare if it isnt already registered. Entitle that one. Run up2date on it. Reverse the process to entitle your main box again.

    3) Use your main box to do all of the talking to RHN. Grab everything. In your /var directory somewhere is the up2date download dir, and you can just nfs that out/burn/share somehow so that the other machines can get the rpms and just manually run a 'rpm -Uvh *rpm' or whatever on the cd/nfs share/smb/ftp share or whatnot.

    I did # 2 for a bit and bought a few more entitlements. Which, really wasnt needed now that I look back. If you have the IQ (like all of here have) #3 is alot cheaper and simpler for average Joe's that dont have an assload of money to piss away needlessly.

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