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Thread: Computer Restarting

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    Computer Restarting

    I've compiled my own 2.6.7 kernel for my slack 10 box, and sometimes it will just be sitting there and restart, but i havent seen it do that with the 2.4.26 kernel. is there something that is compiled into the 2.6.7 kernel that i did wrong or somethin?

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    I'm running 2.6.7 and I haven't seen that behavior. But only YOU know what you compiled into your kernel so ... ;D

    My guess is that you may have compiled some kind of power saving features into it such as hybernatin mode or something. I'm not so sure though.

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    I'd say that sounds like hardware, maybe heat?

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    I've heard of similar behaviour if ACPI does not like your hardware. If you have ACPI enabled, try using APM instead.

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    i dont think it could be hardware problem, because its not happening with the 2.4.26 kernel only the 2.6.7 one i compiled, ill take a look at those ACPI/APM options, i cant remember if i had those enabled or not.

    Edit: right now my power settings in the kernel were Software Suspend (experimental), ACPI, and APM built as module. since im unfamiliar with software suspend AND its experimental, i took it out, and im going to leave the computer up for awhile and see how long its stable for without restarting.

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    I have Suspend-to-Disk [Experimental] compiled in and my system is a server, it's always on and not to tell it was running the 2.6.7 when i left it for more than 2 weeks. So i'd probablly not doubt the Suspend to Disk option. Probably other APM/APIC options?
    It never happened that my kernel would boot and then later would restart. Something that happened to me was that in lilo boot menu after pressing enter on my testing (new) kernel, machine would restart and that was because wasn't in /boot. That was my only kernel trouble. Others, i didn't compile in the right drivers.

    All I can think of is hardware, APIC/APM options (Others), Heat(?)


    This is a tutorial for hibernation:

    Take a look at it and see if you did any of those steps and maybe "strace" it back .



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    Re:Computer Restarting

    do what I do scream yell and swear if it still doesnt work kick it really hard ;D

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    Re:Computer Restarting

    On the software suspend note, has some interesting stuff going on.

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