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Thread: Xine and dvd's

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    Xine and dvd's

    Ok guys, here's a question for you. I finally got xine to install and actually boot, and the fist thing that I tried to do is play a dvd. Now wew all know that it didnt work. My question is what to I have to d/l to be able to play dvd's? I have been searching most of the morning for information and most of it seems to be outdated, ie most of the links dont seem to hold the same info that they once did. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re:Xine and dvd's

    You'll probably be wanting the d5d plugin.

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    Re:Xine and dvd's

    Good Job on installing and getting it working 10ded! :P
    That seems to be a major hurdle for most new linux users. I personnaly use ogle for my dvd's. Easy to install. I had a problem with xine segfaulting on my last athlon chip, so I didnt even mess with it on my current board. Let me know how it runs dvds, i might switch.

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    Re:Xine and dvd's

    well what I do is use the freshrpms for redhat. Also I use apt-rpm+Synaptic. So that helps with deps a bit. But IIRC, Xine only had like 2 or 3 rpms. I use Mplayer more so, although Xine does work fine. I should know, since I have been working on making VCDs for the past week. Finally got DVD->SVCD down ;D

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    Re:Xine and dvd's

    well you will need libdvdcss and libdvdread.

    in the configuration setup of xine just make sure your dvd input device is correct and that it exists in /dev. alot of people will go through the hassle of masking a dvd dir in /dev then symlinking their /dev/X (hdx or cdrom) but it is not necessary to do that. for example my cdrom0 and dvd are one in the same so in the input device line i have /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 and it works just fine.

    the other thing you may need, depending on which version of xine-lib you are using, is a dvd plugin such asd dvdnav or d5d. however, if you are using a current 1.0 beta of xine-lib then you WILL NOT need a plugin.

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