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Thread: PHPNuke ?

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    PHPNuke ?

    I'm thinking of experimenting with it. But first, all I know is it's advanced content managment system and that some of the sites are using it and it looks very nice ( Linux Orbit for example ).

    Does anybody knows a good resource for how to set up and things like that? I can only fine German version of documents on PHPNuke's site : . Any recommendation on setting up in a few folders down from the main site for testing without affecting the main site just yet and how to change it when the testings are done?


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    Re:PHPNuke ?

    Hi Compunuts,

    Check out This is a pretty good phpnuke resource. The "Idiots Guide" link provides info on setting it up.



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    Re:PHPNuke ?

    Dude, setting up nuke is really painless. The install instructions explain step by step what to do and it only takes a few minutes.

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    Re:PHPNuke ?

    If ya have Drake type urpmi php-nuke -- insert cd when asked -- done

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    Re:PHPNuke ?

    [quote author=rick420 link=board=4;threadid=6837;start=0#63922 date=1050526867]
    If ya have Drake type urpmi php-nuke -- insert cd when asked -- done

    Make sure it is the latesr version though. There was a security problem in pre-6.5 I think.

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    Re:PHPNuke ?

    I downloaded it from the php nuke site and what I got was in english. I t does look pretty straightforward.

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