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Thread: losing video during install.

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    losing video during install.

    hey there,

    was curious if anyone encountered something similar. i have drake 9.1. had no problems with it on my laptop and on my ibm PL300. i recently put together a spare box to only run linux. i run through the install and it basically gets about 5-7 minutes past installing packages, then i lose video, get a black screen with just the power on the pc.

    i figured what the fuck, ill give redhat 8 a go. same issue.
    i know the HD is good as i just tested it with WD lifeguard tools. i have an agp ATI rage 2C card. a pci SMC nic card but thats about it with hardware. its a 300 watt PS also, default settings in bios, no o/c.

    i was debating installing windows to see if its a linux issue but i might try that tomorrow. any ideas?


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    Re:losing video during install.

    hey SD - how ya been buddy?
    well - this is strange - have you tried a non - graphical install? i know redhat has one - don't know about mandrake - i don't use it. also - in the BIOS try turning off the apm options for vidio

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    Re:losing video during install.

    hey paul, im good thanks. i turned off apm then ran through text mode for redhat and it went fine. now to try it with mandrake tomorrow cuz im gonna pass out. thanks


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    Re:losing video during install.

    oh well, same shit. i just threw in a different agp video card as a matter of fact with the same effect with drake. i wonder if swapping the PS would make a difference. ???

    update: just ran through a real quick install of win 98se with no issues. can you say "bullshit"? ugh. maybe its time to rip out the nic card and try that instead. grasping at straws here.

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    Re:losing video during install.

    So hows this one goin? Ever figure it out?

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