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Thread: broadexent pci modem

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    broadexent pci modem

    I finally have another system up and running linux, (yeaaaa)
    but rh7.3 states that it cannot find my modem which is detailed in the subject line. Has anyone been able to get this thing to work?

    10Ded ???

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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    hey 10ded,
    check out url=
    found by way of - it referenses a page here w/ a driver
    here you are asked to click some licnese stuff and then it takes you to here:

    be sure to identify the chipset 1st - this can be done w/ the first link.

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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    Hey Matt. Glad u got everything working. Let me know how the modem thing works out.

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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    Thanx PB.
    I went to the site and downloaded the appropriate driver, but when i get to the installer under rpm, it states that it is installing binaries, and then just sits there. It is only 1.4 M it shouldnt take that long to install. Anyway, im open to suggestions.


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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    hey, try doing it from a cli. it should by like rpm -ivh rpmnamehere. Might give you a little more info. Also, here is the line to mount a windows share from fstab:
    /dev/hdb1 /mnt/music vfat auto,defualts 0 0

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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    PB, your a god.
    I re-downloaded the driver and got it to work the first time. Heres a karma point for just being the man.


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    Re:broadexent pci modem

    oh - i like to think i am a god once in while. thx!

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