Installed Slackware 9.0 recently. Only problem I am having is printing. When I type "cat /proc/devices" there is no "lp" listed. When I open the print manager also no printer listed and I get the error message: "Unable to retrieve printing list. Connection to CUPS failed - Check CUPS server to see if CUPS is correctly installed and running." I had been told Slack does not have CUPS but it is listed in the pulldown window (first). I (unfortunately) have been used to hand-holding OS (such as MDK) that did all this automatically. How do I 1) add my printer and, 2) correctly install (re-install?) CUPS and get it configured? Thanks in advance!! If I can get the printing going I will have (for me anyway) the perfect Linux system. Oh, by the way - the printer will print but "gibberish" comes out.