I've been switching heavily between KDE and Window Maker lately. It's weird how easy it is to configure stuff in Window Maker, whereas KDE is just too hard to figure out...

This is the problem. I have a window. There are three things I want to do with that particular window.

1) When I open a window list in KDE, that particular window shows up in the list. I don't want it to show up there. How do I configure this?

2) Also, when I switch windows with my keyboard, that same window can get the focus and raise. How do I configure KDE so that when I switch windows with keyboard, that particular window doesn't get focus? Or, if it gets the focus, at least doesn't raise?

3) And how do I make sure that particular window NEVER raises to top so that it NEVER covers any other windows? I have a focus follows mouse setting, so I can freely click the window and it still stays at bottom, but I'd like to make sure I never accidentally cover any other windows with that particular window (for example, when switching windows with keyboard, see question 2).

I have a setup like this in WM, but how do I do it in KDE?