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Those are some snazzy features. Not sure that KWM does those. Both KWM and Metacity are functional but that's about it.

Seems like you actually understood what I was talking about... or are you just pretending? :P

Maybe I was using too WM'ish language in my post... let's say it differently: how do I make a window behave like it was just a part of the background picture? You know how a background picture is supposed to behave, right? Or a wallpaper, if you wish to use that stupid term?

A little from column A, a little from column B ;D

I think I have an idea of what you want to do. When you open a window, it appears in the taskbar. You would like it to NOT appear in the taskbar, and not have it appear in the queue when you're alt-tabbing (or however your config is set up) between windows. I myself have never heard of such a thing in KDE. As for your final question, I know a lot of other WMs have an "always on bottom" flag you can give a window, but I'm not sure about KWM.

You might also look into using other WMs with KDE. I've been trying this with Gnome2.2, and so far Openbox has had close to seamless integration. It also claims to have KDE3 compatibility, so maybe give that a shot. Openbox is really rich in features as well.