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Thread: Dual Boot RH9 and WinXP

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    Dual Boot RH9 and WinXP

    Hey all, I followed the pet for Win2K dualboot. Here is what I did and the results

    did the dd if=/dev/hda5 of=mnt/floppy/bootsect.lin bs=1 count=512

    Edited the boot.ini and added the line

    The boot menu showed up and linux was a choice. I selected it and it just sat there with a black screen and a cursor at the top.

    First guess is my /dev/hda5 is not the right one any other suggestions?


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    Re:Dual Boot RH9 and WinXP

    hi ras,
    hda5 would be the 1st partion in an extended partion - so that is a mighy good guess. what does fdisk tell ya? i woul use linux fdisk for this...

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