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Thread: HELP!!! Partition Time

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    HELP!!! Partition Time

    I am seconds away from installing the new RH9 and want to create a small (5 gig) space on the drive to keep files so when I upgrade distro's I dont have to keep downloading them.

    Help me figure out how to partition with fdisk (redhat auto) so that I can remove some of the space on the main partition and what to call the new partition (shouldnt it be like hdb or something rather than hda#)

    Thanks PB I know your online so if you are please respond or pm me


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    Re:HELP!!! Partition Time

    hi ras,
    i would delete the one that youa re going to split up and then make two out of the one, they will be labled hda1 and hda2, or something similar.

    hard drive prep pet

    oh yea
    you do need to back up that partiotn be fore you modify it!!

    if you have 2 hds that would be better yet!!

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    Re:HELP!!! Partition Time

    Hey thanks PB, I busted into chat with Alan and he helped out too. What I did was a clean install and went to auto format, then partitioned the / partition which was 577281 into a 527281 size and the free space I made /home1 and checked the block that said make this a primary partition.

    It created hda2 so I think I am alright now?

    Thanks for the help sorry to be shouting at you in pm and all but you know, when you find someone that is "GOOD" you want their help


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    Re:HELP!!! Partition Time

    no prob that sound like it will work quite well.

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