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Thread: /etc/fstab

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    When trying to get into the dir. /etc/fstab it tells me i'm denied permission! And yes I'm logged in as root. Any suggestions,
    running mk9.1

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    what directory are you trying to get into? /etc/fstab is a file, not a directory in case that is the one.

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    What I'm trying to do is access my windows files from linux.
    I, was able to couple days ago but now no! And I, have not mess up any files or dir. so do I have to edit /etc/fstab to allow myself to access the windows files? Also I, see the mnt for the windows partitions
    (win_c & win_c2) but cannot access the files!
    thanks for any help in advance

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    Hi, Thanks pbharris for the help(pet) now how do I open /etc/fstab file
    to edit it? Stupif ? but never had to before so new at this!

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    Thanks pbharris for turning me in the right direction re-mounted windows files systems again able to access now!

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