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Thread: John the Ripper add-on

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    John the Ripper add-on

    I need to write a add on for john the ripper, and i looked a little at the DES_fmt.c and DES_std.c/h but it looks rather complex, and there are no comments.

    anyone know of a well commented or just instructions for how to do this?


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    Re:John the Ripper add-on

    Password cracking, tsk tsk tsk....

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    Re:John the Ripper add-on

    thanks for... not helping.

    and it's legitimate

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    Re:John the Ripper add-on

    What exactly is the add on for? Unfortunatly, I can not find anyone who has a commented or paper explaining the code. I do, however know of many DES primers online ...

    and there are lots of DES code examples in Java when serching DES encryption in

    I hope this helps.

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    Re:John the Ripper add-on

    see interbase uses funny passwords. it's like:

    foo = crypt("plainText", "9z" //salt is constant
    bar = crypt(&foo[2], "9z"

    &bar[2] is then the stored password.

    /so/ i need to modify the DES code to crypt twice and do it that special way. but it's tricky.

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