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    html, perl-cgi

    In a nutshell, I have a web application that is made up of html and perl/cgi. The perl accesses mysql. When a user brings up the page, they will need to log in. Which is basically the mysql ID and password. The account is verified and a select query is run to display some detail data. From here the user can decide to add/delete/update data which is written to the db. My question is; after I capture the id and password, how can I access the database after my initial query using the same id & password that was entered? The id is needed to do additional database work.

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    You will have to look up the details on this but, once you have the username and password you can create a hidden value in your login form that will can pass the user id to the next query script. as long as you keep passing this hidden value you can keep using it in the next script. Or you can write it to a text file on the server and keep reading it from that and delete then delete it later. Or create a cookie. I think the easiest way is to make a hidden value. If security is an issue, I think the best way is to use cookies that expire after the session is done. I'll try to show an example later when I find my code.


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