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    iMac Flatscreen

    After installing yellow dog linux 2.3 on my "flatscreen" iMac it ran wonderfully; however, I have one problem - screen suspend. The monitor always is glowing, even when the monitor is supposedly in standby, this isn't doesn't do this under OS X...I was wondering if there's a kernel module or something that need be installed, or possibly a configuration issue - thanks for your support. Also, I was wondering if anybody knew where I could get ydl 3.0, April 29th (the free release date) is too far away :: wah ::

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    Re:iMac Flatscreen

    Man the other day I was SO tempted on buying it. Which one you got? Are you dual booting? I beet it's nice.

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    Re:iMac Flatscreen

    Edit your kernel config (cd /usr/src/linux && make xconfig), and go to "General Setup." Near the bottom of that list there's "Power Management Support" (in gentoo's version of the kernel, at least...they might have changed that part). Not totally sure if that's what you'll be wanting, but I suppose it's better than a swift kick to the ass ??? Good luck

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    Re:iMac Flatscreen

    Yeah, well - I tried configuring the kernel as you said, but there was nothing there for power management, It really sucks - because I don't want to burn out my monitor, I looked all over for this problem, but can't seem to find the solution - oh well.....If anybody can direct me in the way of help, I'd apreciate it.

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