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Thread: Mozilla vs Netscape fonts

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    Mozilla vs Netscape fonts

    Installed both Mozilla 1.3 and Netscape 7 which both came with my Slackware 9.0 install.

    Netscape and Mozilla are basically the same thing. So why do the fonts look so freaking horrible on Mozilla? No matter how I tweak it the fonts look horrible, while the fonts in Netscape look fine.

    Why are they different, and how can I make the Mozilla fonts look like the Netscape ones?

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    Re:Mozilla vs Netscape fonts

    'Cause Mozilla is using some funky anti-aliasing which causes things to look weird.

    See the first post at

    It worked great for me.

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    Re:Mozilla vs Netscape fonts

    Hmm, tried that and it didn't seem to work. I changed all the pref.js files I could find. Is that the right file to edit?

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    Re:Mozilla vs Netscape fonts

    Well I've found a solution - installed Mozilla 1.4a - fonts are right as rain.

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