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Thread: cga and Debian

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    Re:cga and Debian

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=7;threadid=6757;start=0#65225 date=1052967579]
    What else can you ask for from a distro??

    Something more stable than testing, but more recent than stable. I found both RH and SuSE to be more stable than debian testing or unstable, yet much more up to date than Debian stable. The unstabilities I have observed in debian (with about 3 years of Debian useage, both in stable and unstable) is on package installation. With unstable, if a broken perl is added and you update at the wrong time you'll end up manually downloading .deb's and forcing them in with .dpkg to get apt fixed. Testing is a little better, but seems at times to be neglected for periods too long (how long should it be behind unstable?)

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    Re:cga and Debian

    Testing can run into issues where some packages get migrated from unstable while others are not. GNOME2 is a good example of this where this weekend some GNOME2 packages were migrated while others were not. So you run into a situation where you have some GNOME2 packages coinciding with GNOME 1.4.

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    Re:cga and Debian

    Unfortunately, another major issue with testing is that no security updates are provided for it.

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