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Thread: segmentation error during install

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    segmentation error during install

    well, I managed to get the installation of corel linux started but got an error message when the gui starts- i think the memory is going to have to go. luckily my nephew has a few sticks I can try. I suspected it was bad anyway.

    I did start out with the Red Hat 6 but I am new and I got tired of fooling with the partitioning questions. The Corel for Dummies book disk was a little easier so I went with it.

    I am taking the site at their word and trying to set up linux on an old computer- w/o spending much money. Hope they are right. . .


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    Re:segmentation error during install

    The only time I've had segfaults during or right after a fresh Linux install was when I had bad hardware. You are probably on target there with the memory.

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    You mentioned Corel Linux? I have never ran that but I thought I read something about it not being continued...

    At any rate, Redhat has done so much since RH6 you might want to look at RH8 or RH9 and can get it for under $12.00 from There is an automatic partitioner now included if that was the major drawback. Unless your old system is going to be a dual-boot you are pretty safe to allow it to format and partition the drive for you.

    Just my .02 cents


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    Re:segmentation error during install

    I would definitely reccommend trying a newer distro, as linux has come quite a ways in the last little while. Possible Mandrake would be a good one to try, it is aimed towards the new linux user. Or, as Rastar said, a newer version of RedHat.

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    Try out a newer version of Linux. If you want to go down the Debian road, try Libranet ... or if you don't mind using a diffrent set up tryp Red Hat or Mandrake.

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    Dontcha hate it when they post and never get back to read the comments or to say thanks?

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    You can probably get a free copy of almost any new distribution if you post on the Flea Market.

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    heck - all ya have to do at many sites (like this one) is say "i need some linux CDs" and some fool (like me) will burn some and send them out!

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    Re:segmentation error during install

    I'm still waiting for people to ask me for cd's, never burnt one for someone else

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