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Thread: reformat a fat 32 drive and convert it to linux?

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    reformat a fat 32 drive and convert it to linux?

    can you delete windows fat 32 partitions and then [re-]create new partitions, as primary dos with no extended dos partitions to install linux? Do you have to "format" those partitions or just boot up and use the linux boot disk to partition and format the drive? I'm using a red hat linux 6 boot disk from my "mastering linux" book.
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    Re:reformat a fat 32 drive and convert it to linux?

    yes you can - i use linux fdsik to create fat32 (aka vfat) partions.
    here is a PET on hard drive set ups for linux:

    i would let what ever installer there is do the formatingh. keeping track of where the partions is propably ythe only tricky part.

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    Re:reformat a fat 32 drive and convert it to linux?

    If you go with a commerical distribution, they'll also probably include a partitioner for you. I know RedHat and Mandrake both include graphical partitioning tools. In fact, my first ever linux installation resulted in me accidentally doing what you just asked. Wiped the FAT32 windows partition off the drive and replaced it with ext2 (ext3 now, but if you have a choice I'd go with reiserfs ).

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