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Thread: DVD burning software

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    DVD burning software

    A co-worker of mine told me this morning that he finally broke down and bought a dvd burner. He has a windows 2000 system (im working on him) with a p4 2.4Ghz and 80G HD. He said to render a video from his digital video camera took him over 5 hours and he fell asleep b4 it started burning. After all is said and done, it took up over 50G on his HD. He was wondering if there were any DVD burning support on linux and if it would be any faster. I told him that Im not really sure, but I'll ask.
    SO, if anyone could help me, I finally mite be able to bring him over to the light side.


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    Re:DVD burning software

    AFAIK - cdrecord does DVD burning to

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    Re:DVD burning software

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=12;threadid=6745;start=0#63280 date=1049395690]
    AFAIK - cdrecord does DVD burning to

    yes but i believe that dvdrtools builds upon the cdrecord code and adds some features.

    as for time ... that depends i don't know how fast dvdrs are now but i would assume that they would max out at maybe 4x write. and considering that it takes about 15 mins to write 650 megs on a cdrw it would take a long long time to write gb of data.

    as for space taken in the transition process .... i have no clue but i would expect it would require ALOT of space to do all this especially video which would have a hell of alot more info in it than regular data.

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    Re:DVD burning software

    If it took only 5 hours to render he was in good shape. I copied a dvd to my hard drive to change it into an avi once on a 1ghz duron. It was roughly 4gb of data. Took about 10 hours or so to make an avi out of it. :
    As a side question, did his file finally fit on the dvd or did he have to trim it?

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