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Thread: a little problem with mandrak 9.1

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    a little problem with mandrak 9.1

    I just installed mdk9.1 like it a lot but have a minor problem. I need to access my windows partition so get some files but it tells me that i root access. I have the password but with mdk 9.1 you can't log in as root since the option isn't there (i know that's not a good thing but in this case i know of no other way) is there a way i can log in as root or could someone tell me other option?


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    Re:a little problem with mandrak 9.1

    in a terminal type su - and e3nter the root password, you should then be root in that terminal.

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    Re:a little problem with mandrak 9.1

    Just to add to what PB said, open up a konsole, type su and it will ask for root password. enter it and you'll become root@hostname # in your prompt. From there, your windows directory is probably /mnt/windows so cd /mnt/windows to get into it, or from the root konsole, launch konqueror or your file browser of choice.

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