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Thread: Even Dumber question [bios flash w/ windows]

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    Even Dumber question [bios flash w/ windows]

    Okay I run RH8.0/9.0 (Soon) and want to flash my bios.

    I just read a comment about using a dos based boot disk. What if the bios flash is windows based?

    How will it affect my boot sector etc?

    Will it not be worth the effort? I currently am limited to two ide devices both on ide0 and am thinking the only thing remaining is the bios flash.


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    Re:Even Dumber question

    i would try to get one that runs from dos. else you you need to install mswindows...

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    Re:Even Dumber question

    isnt there a cmd in GRUB that allows you to boot to disk? Wouldnt that work ?

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