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Thread: dumb question [processes and daemons]

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    dumb question [processes and daemons]

    I have webmin and snort running on my RH7.3 box. I know for sure they're running but ps -ef | grep shows nothing, the same regarding snortd

    Both of those programs start as daemons (at least snortd)....

    Programs started as daemons do not show up as a processes?

    I guess it's a dumb question, but somebody help me put of that misery :-)

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    Re:dumb question

    1) They should be there
    2) There is no such thing as a dumb question.....stupid questions exist, but not a dumb one, this is neither
    3) Do a regular ps -ef and look for it manually, it SHOULD be there.....once I get home I will send you a snap shot of my ps output.

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    Re:dumb question

    deamons should show up in a processes list just like coltrane said. you should have it like ps -aux | grep snortd. a grep w/o an snort (or some process name) will not work, you probably had that...

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    Re:dumb question

    According to this:
    Snort is started, pid file shows pid but ps doesn't show ti in the list of the processes. (the same with webmin - it is running but it doesn't show)
    [root@snort1 root]# service snortd start
    Starting snort: [ OK ]
    [root@snort1 root]# ps -aux | grep snortd
    [root@snort1 root]#
    [root@snort1 root]# ps -ef | grep snortd
    [root@snort1 root]#
    [root@snort1 root]# cat /var/run/
    [root@snort1 root]#

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    Re:dumb question

    Is it possibly running the daemons within inetd or xinetd?

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    Re:dumb question

    probably, my xinetd runs alot of shit...

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    Re:dumb question

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=1;threadid=6736;start=0#63193 date=1049316582]
    Is it possibly running the daemons within inetd or xinetd?

    Here is some output from chkconfig --list,
    according to this snortd and webmin are not part of xinetd...
    snortd 0ff 1ff 2ff 3n 4n 5n 6ff
    webmin 0ff 1ff 2n 3n 4ff 5n 6ff
    xinetd based services:
    chargen-udp: off
    chargen: off
    daytime-udp: off
    daytime: off
    echo-udp: off
    echo: off
    services: off
    servers: off
    time-udp: off
    time: off
    kotalk: off
    ktalk: off
    finger: off
    rexec: off
    rlogin: off
    rsh: off
    ntalk: off
    talk: off
    telnet: off
    rsync: off

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    Re:dumb question

    is it possible it is not run under the name snort? e.g. samba runs under smb, i would see what actual executable is being called.

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    Re:dumb question

    The actual executable is /usr/sbin/snort, the script that starts it is /etc/init.d/snortd. Here are the contents of snortd:

    [root@snort1 init.d]# cat snortd
    # snortd Start/Stop the snort IDS daemon.
    # chkconfig: 2345 40 60
    # description: snort is a lightweight network intrusion detection tool that
    # currently detects more than 1100 host and network
    # vulnerabilities, portscans, backdoors, and more.
    # June 10, 2000 -- Dave Wreski <>
    # - initial version
    # July 08, 2000 Dave Wreski <>
    # - added snort user/group
    # - support for 1.6.2
    # July 31, 2000 Wim Vandersmissen <>
    # - added chroot support

    # Source function library.
    . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

    # Specify your network interface here

    # See how we were called.
    case "$1" in
    echo -n "Starting snort: "
    cd /var/log/snort
    daemon /usr/sbin/snort -i $INTERFACE -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -D
    touch /var/lock/subsys/snort
    echo -n "Stopping snort: "
    killproc snort
    rm -f /var/lock/subsys/snort
    $0 stop
    $0 start
    status snort
    echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|status}"
    exit 1

    exit 0

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    Re:dumb question

    I just noticed the line int the script:
    # Source function library.
    . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

    Does that mean it runs from inetd?

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